About Greenlawn

We describe ourselves as a thoughtful, worshipful, caring community of faith.

Greenlawn Baptist Church Covenant

We are Greenlawn Baptist Church:
We are called into fellowship with God through worship;
We are called by God into fellowship with one another.

We have an outreach mission:
Our goal is to make disciples.
We will reach out to all people
(especially in East Columbia)
By making known the Good News
that God is at work, and for all who come to God, in repentance,
God will forgive, and God will make whole.

Our method will be preaching, and
teaching, and ministering to people’s needs:
physical, emotional, spiritual.

We commit ourselves to the personal growth,
the equipping, the training, needed to accomplish our tasks.

The result will be an environment
of grace, of justice, of love, care and concern
in which all people are welcome.